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Candle Lighting

High Holidays

Selichot Program and Service

Saturday, September 21
Ever wondered what Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur are really about? Puzzled by the complexity of the High Holy Days services? Interested in making the holiday experience more memorable, both for yourself and your loved ones? If so, join Rabbi Mordechai Levin as he leads a special class, “Understanding and Appreciating the High Holy Days.”
We will begin with Havdalah, followed by the class, refreshments, and the Selichot service.

Selichot are a series of penitential prayers that are designed to prepare the worshiper for the High Holy Days. A cycle of prayers, hymns and reflections are recited that employ Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur themes and music in an effort to aid our preparation for the holy days ahead. 

Each adult will need to show photo identification and their ticket to join us for High Holy Days services.

Rosh Hashanah Services
Erev Rosh Hashanah: Sunday, September 29
Rosh Hashanah, 1st Day: Monday, September 30
Rosh Hashanah, 2nd Day: Tuesday, October 1

Yom Kippur Services
Kol Nidrei: Tuesday, September 18
Yom Kippur morning: Wednesday, September 19
Yom Kippur Evening: Wednesday, September 19

Would you like to sound the Shofar?
Sunday, September 29 and Monday, September 30
Would you like to volunteer to sound the Shofar on the 1st and 2nd day of Rosh Hashanah? If so, please contact the office.

Join us for Tashlich
Monday, September 30
Tashlich “casting off” in Hebrew and involves symbolically casting off the sins of the previous year by tossing pieces of bread into a body of flowing water. Just as the water carries away the bits of bread, so too are sins symbolically carried away.

High Holy Days Youth Services
Rosh Hashanah, 1st Day: Monday, September 30
Yom Kippur Morning: Wednesday, October 9
Yom Kippur Evening: Wednesday, October 9 – Student Havdalah

High Holy Days Baby Sitting
Rosh Hashanah, 1st Day: Monday, September 30
Yom Kippur morning: Wednesday, October 9

Children, Parents Invited to a Special Havdalah at Neilah
Wednesday, October 9
At Neilah, the final service of Yom Kippur, all children ages 13 and under are invited to participate in a beautiful processional and singing as part of Havdalah.

Break the Fast
Wednesday, October 9
Sisterhood invites the congregation to break the fast with them following the final blast of the shofar. For planning purposes we ask you to confirm your attendance by Friday, October 4.

Read About the High Holy Days
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Rosh Hashanah

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Candle Lighting