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Hanukkah Services
Saturday, December 12
Hanukkah is the festival which celebrates the restoration of Jewish religious and political independence in the land of Israel about 2,200 years ago. During this holiday, we commemorate the triumph of our ancestors over the Greek forces that occupied Israel.
This year Hanukkah begins at sunset on Thursday, December 10.

Join us to celebrate Hanukkah
Candle Lighting and Sing Along
Thursday, December 17
Join Rabbi Levin on Zoom on the last night of Hanukkah to light the eight candles. We will be one community celebrating the holiday and bringing light into our homes and our world.
We look forward to connecting with CBI friends in celebration and joy!

How to Light the Menorah
The Hanukkah Menorah, (Hanukkiah in Hebrew), should be lit right after nightfall on each night of Hanukkah in order to publicize the miracle and celebrate our steadfast determination to keep the light of our heritage burning bright.

A candle is added to the Hanukkah Menorah for each new night of the holiday. On the first night, you light only the Shamash (typically the higher candle) and use it to light the first Hanukkah candle. Then by the eighth night of the holiday, all the candles will be lit.

Candles are placed in the menorah from right to left (same direction as Hebrew writing), but they are lit from left to right – lighting the candle of the newest day of Hanukkah first. Recite or sing the blessings, and then light the Chanukah candle(s) using the Shamash.

How to light the Menorah: Click here

Learn to sing the prayers that are recited when lighting the Menorah: Click here

How many lights?
Thursday, December 10 – 1 candle
Friday, December 11 – 2 candles
Saturday, December 12 – 3 candles
Sunday, December 13 – 4 candles
Monday, December 14 – 5 candles
Tuesday, December 15 – 6 candles
Wednesday, December 16 – 7 candles
Thursday, December 17 – 8 candles

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